Photography Courses Nottingham


Red Cloud Days run practical, informative and fun photography courses Nottingham. From our studio in Beeston, Nottingham we will teach you the essential photography skills, tips and tricks that will unleash your creative side, enabling you to know exactly how to use your DSLR camera to take the perfect photographs.
We run a variety of photography courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced photographers. We run introductory classes and advanced courses and workshops. We also run specific courses on portrait & studio and landscape photography. If you would like to book a photography course or would like some more information see our
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Digital Photography Courses Nottingham

One Day CourseOne Day Introduction to DSLR Photography - Nottingham. £115

So many people come on this Nottingham photography course who already own a DSLR camera but have relied on it for too long on its automatic controls. Even if you are using some of the manual controls on your camera but don't fully understand exactly what they do - then this course is for you.

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Two Day Introduction to DSLR Photography - Nottingham. £180

Here's an opportunity to learn at a much deeper level. The first day contains the same training as the one day course but the 2nd day will be a detailed photo-shoot in the grounds of Wollaton Park. You'll be given a specific photography brief that you'll be asked to capture under the guidance of the course tutor.

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Nottingham Evening Photography Course

 Evening Photography Tour - Nottingham. £30.

On our Nottingham evening photography tour you’ll learn how to capture stunning night time photos using skilled lighting tricks with your DSLR. You’ll learn how to create motion blur and light trails – you’ll never look at a Nottingham tram the same after this. This course will be based around the market square, as there is a bustling city nightlife just waiting to be captured on your camera. Learn more information or Book Now!

Portrait & Studio Course - Nottingham. £195

Using our fantastic studio in Beeston, Nottingham, we'll give you the opportunity to learn how to use all of our studio equipment and take photographs of working models. This workshop is hands-on and we'll run you through everything you need to know about portraits, equipment and lighting. One of the great things about this one day course is you'll be able to use the shots from the day in your portfolio.

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Landscape Photography Course - Nottingham. £125

This photography course is 100% outdoors - we'll teach you how to take the perfect sunsets, landscapes and master your composition skills, all in the beautiful surroundings of Wollaton Park

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Half Day Photography Course - Nottingham. £75

This 4 hour workshop will provide you with a foundation of useable, practical and creative skills. You will learn vital information that will enable you to operate your digital camera effectively. We’ll give you practical and creative advice on how to produce stunning pictures that you’ll want to keep – not delete!

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If you're planning a trip to London soon, then come and join us on our half day London tour, where we'll teach you how to capture the best london images whilst learning how to use your camera properly! 

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For more information on any of the above courses, then go to our courses page. If you can't wait for any of our classes, then learn some new photography skills straight away by visiting our photography videos page.